Friday, August 26, 2011

Today Lola Ratona woke really early and went to the Miniature Savings Bank to make a deposit. Lola Ratona is a tiny but well breed country mouse belonging to the Ratona Family that is well known for its farming estate near Madrid. Just let me say that I mean Madrid Spain not Madrid Missouri, as these mice have been living in the Old Continent for ages. Not that they mind to travel abroad, and we can not forget about their distant cousins living in Peru... Oh Sorry for my  disgresions it seems that I can´t keep focused.

 She must be saving for something really special as she has worked a lot this summer. Look what a big coin she has... One Cent!!! Do you want to share with us what are you going to do with your money? Not yet? Oh well, we will have to wait a bit more.
 Lola Ratona is not very happy of having her picture took with her not so fancy apron. She would have put on her best clothes if she knew that we were going to take pictures of her. Don´t worry Lola we just want to meet the real you. "I didn´t even comb my hair" she frowned at me.
We must admit that being a needlefelted mouse and working all day at the countryside Lola may have a have an unkempt issue, but  she is a cutie to our eyes, and we hope that you can appreciate that too.